Count Victor von Krienhoff

The ruler of Sollandheim when the Duchess is away


Noble Rank: 3


Victor von Krienhoff is an arrogant and inflated sort of man. His needs, even the most trivial, are of the utmost urgency and often override more pressing concerns. Woe betide the poor fool who finds himself on the wrong side of the law when the Duchess is away. Von Krienhoff is particularly creative in his punishment for wayward peasants, and though he has not yet (needlessly) sentenced someone to death, many an embarrassing public spectacle has been attributed to his peculiar sense of justice.

That said, the Count has managed to govern Sollandheim with surprising fairness in the months of Ottila’s absence. Though many consider him indolent and selfish in his private life, many of his rulings are just, his sentences are relatively light (despite the embarrassment), and his taxes are surprisingly progressive. The Count has been relentless in his town guard drills, and insists he personally lead the drills despite his lack of real military talent.

*Victor recently provided the party with 50 silver to gather Ale for the party he is hosting for the return of the Duchess
*Has been accused by the stewardess of Bachwurd for attempting to assassinate Duchess Ottila, using the recent beastmen attack as cover.

Count Victor von Krienhoff

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