Me Swag. Me ogre. Mnngh.


Careers: Ogre Maneater 1; Duelist 1
Characteristics: Strength 4, Toughness 5, Agility 2, Intelligence 1, Willpower 3, Fellowship 3
Skills: Discipline 1, Intimidate 1, Weapon Skill 1 (specialisation in great weapons)

Special Abilities

Thick Skin (+1 Soak)
Bigger & Stronger (1 less experience cost to advance both Strength and Toughness Characteristics; may advance up to 7)
The Great Maw (must consume 1lb. of meat every hour)

Wound 17


Weapon Damage Critical Range Special Quality
Bronzed bust of Emperor Karl Franz (great weapon) 7 2 2H
Gauntlet 4 4
Armour Defense Soak Special Quality
Breastplate & Chain 1 4
Gutplate 2 1 see card

Career Abilities

Ogre Maneater – you have a gutplate. 1/session, when you suffer a critical wound you may cancel that critical and convert it to a normal wound by catching it on your gutplate (suspended until Ogre Maneater career is completed).
Duelist – When you are engaged with only one enemy and no other characters, you gain +1 Defence and Fortune die to all attacks


Erratic (reputation) – during the Beginning of Turn Phase of social encounters, you may adjust your stance one additional space.
Juggernaut (tactic) – you may disengage without spending a manoeuvre from an enemy with a Strength less than your Soak Value.
Push It ’Til You Drop (tactic) – when you score a hit with a Melee Attack, you may convert one of your regular wounds to a critical wound. Deal extra damage on that attack equal to that critical’s severity.
Roll With It (tactic) – exhaust this card when you take damage to increase Soak Value by 2 against that source of damage.

Additional Actions

Challenge (rally, ongoing) – Intimidate (Str) vs. target Discipline (Wp); you call out one target and challenge him to one on one combat. While this card is recharging all characters except you and your target add 1 Difficulty die to all checks targeting you and your target.
1 success: You successfully challenge the target.
3 successes: As above, and your target suffers 1 stress when performing any check that does not include you as a target.
2 boons (conservative): add 1 recharge token to this card.
2 banes (reckless): remove 1 recharge token from this card.


Swag simple ogre. Swag want simple life. Simple life with gold and good cloth and castle for Swag to to own. And meat, Swag love meat.


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