Countess Ida von Krienhoff

A tilean noble from Luccini


Noble Rank: 3


Swift to laugh and slow to anger, Ida von Krienhoff is a populist noble. She respect her servants and her serfs and does what she can to ensure that as she prospers, so do they. She seldom leaves the manor house, unlike her husband Victor, but she is often the one villagers turn to when something is going wrong. She has little patience for petty intrigues of other nobles. Those who seek to jockey for position within her court soon find they have more pressing matters elsewhere. Still, even as she watches their hasty retreat into the sunset, it is always with a smile on her face. Just what it is that encourages such strong reactions to Ida’s displeasure is unknown, but few can claim the town has not benefited from her reluctance to deal with petty political intrigues.

Countess Ida von Krienhoff

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