Lord Godric von Liechter

A retired veteran of the 3rd battle for Black Fire Pass


Noble Rank: 1


This shaggy bearded veteran was the dispossessed son of the von Liechter heritage. Tempestuous in his youth, Godric wandered many of the provinces of the empire. Starting with his home province of Averland, he wandered after being formally renounced by his father looking for glory and most importantly a rich young noble to woo. Though he was never found a worthy suitor, he was found a worthy soldier. It was after a particularly undiplomatic altercation over the hand of a young Wissenlander that Godric found sponsorship in the pistol korps (rather than serving a lengthy jail sentence). What surprised Godric was that he liked it. He was already handy with a pistol, and the other nobles were almost as hot-blooded as he was.

Even though he was the only one amongst their number who had no choice in joining the Korps, Godric was perhaps better suited for the task then most. While his companions moved on to join the ranks of one of the Knightly Orders, Godric stayed with the Pistol Korps as an Outrider. His repeater pistols and bravado served him well in keeping up with the fresh young Nobles looking to earn their spurs in a Knightly Order, and the pay for his tutelage was rather good to.

It wasn’t until the 3rd battle for Black Fire Pass that Godric decided his years of military service had been enough. So with it’s conclusion, Godric retired into the countryside of Wissenland. There he would try one last time to win the hand of the woman he served 20 years in the military for.

Lord Godric von Liechter

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