Fritz Hurdvich Jr.

The shepherd's son who befriended a duchess


Noble Rank: 1


Fritz Hurdvich Jr. was born among the rolling hills lying in the shadow of the grey mountains. As the first son of a shepherd’s household, it seemed inevitable that young Fritz would take is fathers place wandering the hillsides, guiding his fathers flock, and casting stones at those wolves brave enough to come out of the wood-line. But all this changed the night a young girl wandered far beyond the castle walls searching for the fae creatures she heard about so much in the tales she read with her governess. The young Ottila was still the spry age of six when she wandered out of town in the dead of night, and the forests and hills beyond her castle walls were still full of mystery and excitement. It was no surprise when the young princess spied an equally young boy plying the river Sol on an old rotten log she mistook him for some mischievous water spirit come to visit her. Fortunately the girl was not old enough to have heard the truer, darker tales about the spirits that occupy the wild places on this earth, and so the two were quickly acquainted.

So it came to be when the guards found the little princess, she had already relieved herself of that uncomfortable gown and was swimming almost as fast as her new found companion. From that day forward, young Ottila and Fritz would become inseparable. And so it was arranged for the Hurdvich family to receive payment so that young Fritz might accompany the young future duchess on her daily activities. Fritz Jr. was eventually groomed to be in many ways like his father, only instead of a heard of sheep, he was responsible for shepherding a young noble. He is still very protective of the Duchess, and although she can manage on her own quite well, he is provides her with his counsel should he deem that she requires it.

Fritz Hurdvich Jr.

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