Duchess Ottila von Toppenheimer

A well respected member of the Toppenheimer family, a close confidant of the Elector Countess


Noble Rank: 4


The Duchess is many things to the people of Sollandheim, but mostly she is elsewhere.

Perhaps the reason opinion of the Duchess is so varied stems from her perpetual absence in the affairs of her domain. To the Duchess, her lack of presence is opportune. The Toppenheimer family was among the most renowned families of the former province of Solland. It is even rumored that at one amongst the Toppenheimer line will have ruler-ship over the province of Wissenland should the current Elector Countess win her bid for control of the emerging city-state of Nuln, restoring their line to some of its former glory. The Duchess is constantly at work to that end, attending functions of the Elector Countess and currying favor in hopes that she might be chosen as the next ruler of the province.

Duchess Ottila von Toppenheimer

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