Pit Fighter Wood Elf


Height- About a head taller than the average human girl— stands at about 6 foot 2 inches.

Hair Color- oaky-colored brown in long dreadlocks. Some pieces of her hair look like they have been intervoven with feathers, beads, and other things.

Eyes- Green

Complexion- Light Olive skin-tone

Age- Born more than several winters ago

Apparent Age- Close to halfway through a human’s lifespan

Physical Characteristics- Muscular physique, recent scars and wounds, including one current DEEP WOUND, currently bandaged.

Clothing and random equipment- Leather armor, buckler, short sword, throwing knife, bow and 5 arrows, backpack with some stuff inside…


Ch 1. Leaving Home

“So what will you do?” The question could have been innocuous, but the tone betrayed doubt, pessimism, and skepticism. Did the speaker of those words, one of the wood elves former companions, believe that she would not be successful?

Cael’yn response was not confident, but it was hopeful, something that many others could only feign. “I do not know. I think I shall explore…outside of the forest.” She revealed.

“Outside of the forest? Why would you want to leave? The creatures cannot teach you anything. They do not see all that there is to see.” Again, there was much more beneath the elf’s words. He believed that the creatures’ lives were too short, that they were merely children, dressing and acting as adults. They acted only to satisfy their immediate needs, and rarely thought about the impact of their actions. Nonetheless, Cael’yn didn’t have a lot of options. She had not been accepted into an apprenticeship…again. She was a decent hunter, but Gr’ynfil could shoot a bird swooping down for a kill, and ensure that the bird did not land on top of the defenseless animal as well.

Cael’yn had learned to cook, and though her food was edible, the less-experienced Daena could discern the taste of a spice from its smell, and Isha herself would have patted her stomach, content with the meal that Daena provided. While Cael’yn could also mend clothing, she could never create seams that seemed to disappear, as her skeptical friend, Raven, seemed to be able to do with very little effort.

No one had told Cael’yn directly to leave, but it was obvious that she was no longer contributing to the benefit of her people. She once had the goal of planting trees, of spreading the warmth and the life of the forest to other areas. If she could bring life, then her people could protect it. They would see her as someone who had a purpose. She could have been discouraged, and become depressed from that fact, but Cael’yn didn’t generally dwell on things. She wanted to improve her situation, and so she had spent many of her young years moving from position to position, trying to learn enough to excel, or at least to indicate to the master worker that she could one day become a master, herself.

She packed a simple and mostly-sturdy bag—one that she had made herself—with a waterskin, a small knife, some extra arrows for the bow across her back, simple bandages, and some bark that she could use to make kindling. Once her bag was packed, she said a few goodbyes, taking a surprisingly short amount of time. The elves wished her well, and though some seemed concerned, no one tried to hold her back. Perhaps they could sense her determination, or perhaps they knew that she played no major role in their day-to-day life and they wouldn’t be lacking for any of their basic needs once she was gone. Cael’yn sensed both feelings from her follow tribesmen, and she chose instead to focus upon the journey ahead of her.



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