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Sollandheim was christened by the Toppenheimer family some 30 years after Gorbad Ironclaw and his orc Waaagh devastated the entire province of Solland. The town was named in an act of defiance at the absorption of Solland by the neighboring province of Wissenland. To this day the town of Sollandheim belongs to the Toppenheimer family, though the current Duchess is the last of her lineage that still holds residence there.

The Toppenheimer family are one of the few surviving noble family of their former province and they have long advocated the re-establishment of Solland as an independent political entity. Even today the Toppenheimer line works to free Solland from the nobles of Wissenland. Duchess Ottila von Toppenheimer has spent many months away courting Elector Countess Emanuellle von Liebwitz in hopes she might pass ruler-ship of Wissenland (and thus Solland) onto her if the Elector’s bid to make Nuln its own independent city state is successful.


The people of Sollandheim are of particularly diligent stock, and certainly do little to contradict the stereotype that sollanders are a particularly dull and fastidious people. The truth is the people of Sollandheim, like Solland, are deeply spiritual at heart. Many peasants pay homage to all of the gods of the empire, and even show their respects to foreign gods, be they human or otherwise.

The people of Sollandheim have a positive relationship with both the elves and dwarfs. They serve as a minor trading post between the holds of the grey mountains and elven merchant fleets. The town itself is best known for its cloth goods, and many of its citizens are responsible for either raising sheep, weaving textiles, or farming to produce cotton or food to support the local population.


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