They Came to Sollandheim

The Preparations of Geheimnistag

The Giant and the Ale (Cael'yn's Perspective)

28 Vorgeheim 2522 i.c.

The day was progressing as normal, so much so that Cael’yn was completely unaware that there was going to be a celebration that night, or a holiday the following sunrise. Helga was no doubt seeking grudges left and right, and Skaldor was fashioning armor, or blades, or something for the local guard. Cael’yn had gotten over seeing guards come in to the shop, though she had certainly been jumpy the first few times it happened. Now, she was feeding a fire (not made with wood because it wouldn’t have been hot enough), when she heard a commotion. Skaldor seemed to hear it as well, and they soon investigated to find a giant near their shop. The giant was…quite literally giant, and it startled Cael’yn to see one. She couldn’t help but feel glad that she hadn’t seen one of these in the arena, as she certainly wouldn’t have had a chance.

There were some guards throwing spears and things at the giant, but the creature was unperturbed. The giant picked up a barrel and poked a hole in it before chugging the (thankfully liquid) contents entirely. Skaldor responded in the most effective way, getting the giant’s attention and explaining in small, easily comprehensible words, that the giant was stealing their ale and it didn’t belong to him. Actually, Skaldor sounded a lot like he did when he was explaining something for Cael’yn, a realization that made her narrow her eyes in frustration at the dwarf. She was not as stupid as a giant, she just didn’t understand his puny, inferior language completely.

When the giant realized the source of the conflict, he agreed to pay for the ale. He took something out of the small (relative to his size, of course) pouch on his waist, and dropped the slimy bag in front of Skaldor. “Go count that.” Skaldor said, gesturing to the bag, and Cael’yn knew she would take ages to wash off whatever the gook was that was coating the bag. The inside was worse. There was enough coin to cover the cost of the ale, but there were also some unidentifiable items that were certainly not coins, and enough slimy, sticky, and smelly things to make Cael’yn feel like she could never eat with her hands again. Naturally, Skaldor insisted that she wash her hands, which she would not have even thought to argue. She washed her hands in his shop, thoroughly and with much scrubbing, as the giant finished the remaining four barrels and wandered off drunkenly.

When she re-emerged, a nobleman came out and began to panic. The dwarves learned (and Cael’yn got the point soon after) that the barrels of beer were for a party that the nobles were having that night, and the nobleman didn’t know any other way to get enough beer. He gave the dwarves some money, and asked that they find more beer and bring it to the castle. The first tavern that the group went to was crushed, literally. Realizing that the giant hadn’t actually left, and was going from tavern to tavern to steal the beer, the dwarves decided to skip the second tavern entirely, and go to the third, hoping to beat the giant.

Their plan worked, and they got a little more than two barrels of ale from the basement, and were bringing it out of the building as the giant appeared. Cael’yn and Helga brought their barrels around the back while Skaldor went once more to confront the giant. Helga soon joined the other dwarf, leaving Cael’yn in charge of getting the last barrel out of the tavern before it too was crushed. She guarded them while the dwarves argued with the giant, pretending like she could actually hold her own in case the giant saw her and the alcohol.

Skaldor once again confronted the giant, who claimed that he wanted more beer. The dwarf insisted that the giant needed to go home, and the drunken creature exclaimed that he didn’t know which way was home. Cael’yn chimed in around them that he could follow the destruction back, saying something along the lines go “Go back way you come!” which was enough for the giant. The creature turned slowly, saw the destruction he had caused, and returned that way, leaving the town entirely, at least for a short while. The barrels were brought to the castle, and the group went to The Bouncing Bodice to acquire the last of the ale.

The dwarves decided to get some stronger mead and water it down for the humans, saving them some money. They bought what they needed, and the last of the barrels were brought to the castle soon after. The group split the money, and then went back to their shops to finish their day. No doubt Helga put something in her book about giants crushing buildings or stealing ale as well.


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